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"The life of cancer cells"
12th-13th December 2019, Montpellier, France
life of cancer cells

Organizing Committee

Six PhD students and young Postdocs from the IGH form the organizing committee. We all think that organizing this meeting is a great opportunity, which will provide us with a remarkable and enriching experience. It will be an incomparable opportunity to develop a scientific program, putting us in contact with experts and colleagues from our research field and related disciplines, expanding our professional networks. In addition, it will help us to gain experience and know-how in the organization of scientific events, an important element of scientific development, but which is not generally included in our training of young researchers.

We would like to thank the organizers of last year for giving us all the help needed to renew what they had initiated.

All committee members are responsible for the scientific content of the program.
The other tasks were distributed among the different members of the organizing committee: 



Julia BRINKMEIER ~ PhD Student mail

Gaël DUPIN ~ PhD Student mail

Samira KEMIHA ~ PhD Student mail

Lucy KUNDURA ~ PhD Student mail

Yaiza NUNEZ-ALVAREZ ~ Postdoc mail

Kamar SERHAL ~ Postdoc mail

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